Attention Actors, Stunt Performers & Content Creators!

Here’s How To Get The Tactical Movie Pistol & Revolver Firearms Training For Film & TV You NEED To GROW Your Career Without Paying A Lot OR Having To Travel

  • Been noticing that more and more Movies and TV shows feature actors / stunt performers that use tactical movie pistol/handgun & revolver choreography?

  • Have you been passed over for roles because you don’t have TACTICAL movie pistol/handgun & revolver training?

  • Ever not even bother submitting for a role because they REQUIRE you to have had tactical movie prop gun firearms training?

  • Want to look like a ‘John Wick’ Tactical Firearms Bad Ass on camera?

  • Would you like to add some tactical movie pistol & revolver Tactical Firearms choreography to your acting or stunt reel so you can submit for MORE roles?

  • Like to add some tactical movie pistol & revolver Gun Play to your movie, film, TV series, web series, content, etc.?

My stunt team C.B.T. Stunt Alliance has always trained in the traditional stunts (i.e. falls, fight scenes, martial arts weapons, vehicular stunts, etc.) yet we are KNOWN for our Elite Tactical Firearms Choreography for Film & TV expertise. Most well organized stunt teams tend to specialize in 1 thing. For us, it’s everything tactical firearms, which is why we get hired to play roles for US Special Forces, Delta Force, U.S. Navy Seal Team 6, SWAT and more.

Needless to say we’ve all enjoyed AMAZING careers and have had an absolute blast! This success came about because we literally trained in stunts and tactical firearms training EVERY Sunday for 3 hours per session for years. This ensured that we were always at the top of our game.

During this time, we’ve always had actors, stunt performers and content creators that find us in the search engines, social media or get referred to us to learn tactical firearms training so they can use it for specific projects or in general just so they can audition for roles that require tactical firearms training in various TV shows and movies.

The problem was we were always too busy working to actually train all these people. We’d simply tell them we’d add them to the list (which was a VERY long one!) and notify them when we were teaching classes, which would rarely ever happen. Hey it’s what happens when you’re in demand!

SIDE NOTE – we did provide paid actor/ stunt performer training yet mainly for actors and stunt performers for projects that WE were hired for. This is one of the ways we got known in the industry and got so many referrals.

Then over a 6 month period, we were contacted by a bunch of people who followed us on Facebook, from across the US and even many from developing countries around the world, all wishing they could train with us and realize their dreams in this wonderful business. I knew they couldn’t afford to travel to Los Angeles, CA let alone pay for our class fees AND their training gear. Their dreams would go unfulfilled. And this REALLY affected me.

The breaking point came, when one woman literally contacted me EVERY month for 4 months straight to ask if we were teaching a tactical class yet. I always gave her the same “add you to the list” answer yet she knew she really needed the tactical movie handgun & revolver training to grow her career and the other tactical courses out there were just for personal defense and had nothing to with film & TV (there’s a WORLD of difference). Her annoying and undying persistence paid off! Lol! So we went ahead and scheduled some classes.

We limited the number of students because we didn’t want a huge deluge of students and as predicted the classes sold out quickly (though that meant many more were added to our ‘list’). Well everyone loved the classes! So much so that many asked if they could get VIDEOS of the training to use as a reference for later on. They didn’t want to forget the great lessons that they’d learned and the wealth of information that our instructors shared with them.

I realized that day that everything had changed for me. My stunt team and I could no longer simply chalk it up to being too busy to help other aspiring actors, stunt performers and content creators. We had to recreate our approach, our priorities, our thinking. It took me 6 months to put it all together.

Yet when I did…it all clicked! We got great results and feedback from a test group of students that loved the teaching strategy we’d innovated. They learned EXACTLY what they needed to know to grow their careers WHEN they needed it and more importantly were able to RETAIN what they’d learned for auditions, film & TV projects and their reels. All thanks to the unique teaching strategy & learning system we put together for them.

Here’s How This System Helped Our Student

Book Killer Roles And Made Them The ENVY

Of Their Friends

Take a look at just some of their results:

  • Jason H., stunt performer and actor, went on to book multiple dream roles. 1 as a Yakuza Boss (toting prop firearms and a Samurai sword) and another as a member of a SWAT Team.

  • Newbie to the stunt business, Anthony T., booked roles in a Michael Jai White film as a member of Michael’s Tactical Response Team (he got to work with his long time hero!) as well as a movie prop gun wielding mercenary in a military action TV series.

  • Actress Elena R. booked roles as a movie gun toting, cop shooting, femme fatale in a TV show as well as an enemy solider in a TV series.

  • Aspiring action actor, Lugdy C., booked a movie role as the point person on an FBI Hostage Rescue Team (VERY rare for ladies!) as well as a role on the CBS TV show ‘SEAL TEAM’.

  • Newbie to the acting world, Ken M., went on to book MANY roles (over 98 IMDB credits and counting!) ranging from movie gun armed henchman, mercenary and armed alien drone to soldier, movie prop gun toting cult leader and more!

And the list goes on and on!

It was this experience that made me realize something…Not all aspiring actors, stunt performers & content creators get the opportunity to get the precise tactical movie pistol/handgun & revolver firearms Training, specifically designed for film & TV by industry experts, that they need to grow their career and make their own projects. And honestly that makes me feel sad.

So after this test run, I made a promise to myself: that I and my stunt team would do whatever we could to help out new people coming into the business…as well as veteran actors & stunt performers…learn tactical firearms training for film & TV and book as many roles as possible.

So I started breaking down and improving the “teaching strategy and learning system” I used to get breakthrough results for our test students to launch their acting and stunt careers and even grow them to the next level.

So after MANY requests, I officially launched CBT Stunt Alliance’s Online Action University Stunt Classes and Stunt Training for Newbies & PROs

And today I’m excited to announce that our latest and MOST POPULAR Course is ready for online release. Introducing the…

‘‘Tactical Firearms Training For Film & TV –

Tactical Pistol & Revolver - MasterCourse"

Finally, I’ve put back together the complete PAID courses we taught over the past several years and decided to let performers like you benefit from all the research, experiments, trial and error that we did with dozens of actors, stunt performers and content creators for years.

I, and my stunt teammates, have learned firsthand how amazing and lifechanging this training is based on our own experiences as well as the experiences of our many students and clients. So one of my goals, has been to find a way to help as many other actors, stunt performers and content creators looking for that 1 thing to make them more marketable to the industry, that 1 thing to help them book that next MAJOR role that could propel them onwards to fame & fortune. That 1 thing that can be their ‘Ace up their sleeve’, a true gamechanger and help them grow their career to the next level!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside The

‘‘Tactical Firearms Training For Film & TV –Tactical Pistol & Revolver - MasterCourse"

  • The 6 Most Important Pieces of Movie Prop Firearms Training for film & TV performance advice I was given when I was a newbie that changed my approach forever so you can always look amazing on camera even if the DP doesn’t know how to shoot action (which MOST don’t).

  • The 4 keys to identifying and operating various types of pistols & revolvers specifically for movies so you don't make the most common mistakes that many actors and stunt performers make on set.

  • My personal 4 step mini-system that I used each day to make sure I was mentally & physically ready for the next big audition or performance involving a movie prop firearm so you can have the mental edge over other actors & performers up for the same role...which I promise will change everything...

  • Tactical Performance Drills & Exercises, Practice Action Sequences and Techniques, so you can have the "performers edge” that makes the director and DP be drawn to you and always favor you in the shots.

  • You will be able to give yourself the confidence you've been lacking at home and on set using the exact mental & psychological techniques our stunt team has used for years to train LEAD actors and stunt performers for their BEST performances in movies and TV shows.

  • Discover our patented ‘Performance Hack’ for tactically using a movie prop pistol to heighten the drama and tension within ANY scene and make your performance transcendent. Even if you’re doing improv! This simple technique will blow your mind, change your approach forever and have the director and stunt coordinator convinced that you are an undiscovered STAR! ⭐

  • You will make it crystal clear that you're an actor or stunt performer who knows what the hell they're doing when EXPERTLY handling tactical movie pistol & revolvers.

Look Inside this MasterCourse▼

But Wait!!! Don't You Need To Learn Gun Training In Person?

Self Defense Gun training you want to learn in person at a range. Yet NOT 'Tactical Movie Gun Training for film & TV'. Understand this...Tactical Movie Gun Training for Film & TV is to movies…What Stunt Fighting is to movies…PERFORMANCE ART. It is learning how to deliver believable, realistic, compelling performances on camera with prop firearms (i.e. John Wick, Proud Mary, Military Action Movies, etc.) not actually shooting holes in people, pieces of paper, or steel gongs, with real bullets like in self defense shooting.

Self Defense shooting (which we teach as well) does NOT translate well to film & TV. No more than preparing to actually fight in the ring prepares you for stunt fighting for movies. Each one are totally different skillsets. One is self defense shooting that you do with live firearms (and can be dangerous as other unskilled people are usually shooting around you as well). See our Shocking, EYE OPENING video about this topic located near the BOTTOM of this page!

While Movie Gun training is performance art that you practice & perform with plastic, rubber or metal fake movie prop guns (like the ones you actually will be using on movie & TV sets) that are 100% safe for you to practice with inside of your own home.

Here’s Everything You’re About To Get Your Hands On

‘Tactical Movie Pistol Fundamentals’ Video Breakdown® - $99 value

One of the most overlooked aspects of tactical firearms training for film & TV and one of the most important.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • I breakdown the most common types of bullets, blanks & dummy rounds used on set and how to easily identify them so that you go into your next project fully knowledgeable and ensure no one makes a mistake and you or someone else gets injured.

  • ‘Show & Tell’ video where you see exactly what are and how to identify real guns, replicas, blank guns & non-guns so you can handle these prop firearms with confidence and go into any performance STRONG.

  • The Do’s and Dont’s of how to actually handle movie prop firearms at home and on-set so you go into every gig with the set armorer giving production their personal approval of you.

  • How to get your own training movie prop firearm for pennies on the dollar, what features it absolutely must have and even how to use it in your marketing to book more roles!

  • The only 2 places to LEGALLY point prop firearms on a film or TV set so you never have to be concerned about hurting yourself or someone else on a project and possibly being sued.

  • Our ‘Do As I Do’ system of learning and memorizing your own (and others production may use) prop firearm’s components inside and out so you become and sound like a firearms expert!

  • The 1 question to ask ANY set armorer to determine if you’re in good hands or not! If they answer incorrectly, someone may get hurt or worse!

The Tactical Pistol & Revolver Movie Prop Academy ® - $97 value

The secrets of recognizing and EXPERTLY wielding the most used prop firearms in film & TV that 98% of actors & stunt performers DO NOT KNOW.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • Learn the most popular types of prop pistols that are used in film & TV and how you can leverage that to impress directors and stunt coordinators so they always think of you for any current or future projects.

  • Become a tactical pistol & revolver expert so you can tell the difference between the two, recognize them when you see them, know how to load and unload them and even speed reload them like a Special Forces Soldier so that you impress casting directors and ‘wow!’ everyone on set.

  • Did you know there are more movies and TV shows that use pistol props more than any other type of firearm? Discover each type and how to use them.

  • Discover the nationally recognized and accepted ‘Gun Safety Rules’ that govern any safe firearms handling exercise. Learn how to memorize them and make a favorable impression on casting directors and the armorer to make you stand out for the role.

  • PRO TIPs for learning how to actually hold and a movie prop pistol & revolver properly, so you look like you actually know what you’re doing, plus how to grip and aim it so you always look believable on camera to both the director and the audience.

  • And much more!

The Tactical Pistol & Revolver Movie Prop Masterclass ® - $197 value

Insider knowledge and tips about the 2 MOST USED Handguns in film & TV history.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • Performance Basics - learn step by step how to perform the 2 most popular types of shooting stances and postures used in film & TV for pistols & revolvers, how to perform sight alignment and sight picture so you know how to properly aim at a target plus how to adjust your arms to play to camera (never cover your face from the camera!)

  • The one rule that we use for clients about ambidextrous shooting that turns them into a more sought after stunt double and actor who brings something unique to the table.

  • PRO TIPs on The Dos and Don'ts of proper body form and positioning when shooting. Avoiding some of the key mistakes can prevent amateur looking performances for aspiring actors & stunt performers.

  • The 3 Types of ‘Ready Shooting Positions’ that actually make you look tactical before and after a shooting sequence and ensures that you never look like a ‘Noob with a gun’.

  • Performing Action Sequences With Prop Firearms – PRO Rules for throwing guns, dropping guns, falling down with a pistol, when to use rubber guns, furni pads and more. This knowledge and skill gives you the mental edge on set and boosts your confidence by 1000%.

  • Exactly which 3 body shooting positions you will be called upon to use in a movie or TV show and which ones not to even bother with when you're serious about preparing for a role or shooting something for your reel.

  • The 3 little known ways of Concealed Carry Draw Positions and then drawing it to start an amazing movie prop Tactical Firearms Action Sequence. You now have a bag of tricks to draw from to fit the right concealed carry draw to the character you’re portraying from special forces soldier to mercenary! This helps to ensure that you always make the perfect character choices for the role when you have your chance at the audition or on set.

  • And much more!

PRO ‘Screen Tips’ For Pistol & Revolver ®

- $150 value

Expert coaching advice for actors & stunt performers who want to take their performance skills to the next level.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • Discover how to act out the actual pistol & revolver recoil so production can marry VFX muzzle flares perfectly to your performance in post production. This skill makes both the director AND the editor fall in love with you and decide you’re a keeper for all their future projects.

  • The 2 most cinematic types of tactical pistol reloads, how to perform them step-by-step, the actual facial expressions to use to heighten tension in the scene when you’re performing them and how to boost your on screen confidence by changing one small thing...

  • The 2 audio ‘Shooting Cadences’ that will dramatically improve the way you shoot and reload a tactical movie prop pistol so that you look like an ‘Old Pro’ even if it’s your 1st time doing it on camera.

  • The 3 rules of ‘Reacting to Being Shot’ (yes it’s an IMPORTANT skill) that every actor & stunt performer must know to act out realistic and compelling death scenes that will grip audiences and give the director exactly what they want in the scene.

  • The 2 most cinematic techniques for ‘Firing On The Move’ both forward and in reverse that make you have that unique type of tactical gliding movement that all directors crave.

  • PRO TIPs on performance ‘Dos and Don’ts’ so you’re always precise in your on-screen portrayals and not making ‘Noob’ mistakes. No more hearing from casting directors “Thanks. We’ll be in touch…”

‘Shadowboxing With A Pistol Movie Prop’ ®

- $299 value

The secrets to integrating prop tactical pistol into scene work specifically for actors and stunt performers that most acting coaches and stunt coordinators don't know.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • The exact ‘Off Body Aiming Technique’ our stunt team perfected with 100+ students. Exactly what targets to aim for and why for the most dramatic effect. Learn how to actually look like your pointing the prop firearm directly at another performer (for camera) without actually pointing it at them. This instantly raises the stakes, heightens tension in the scene and keeps audiences on the edges of their seats.

  • The 2 dramatic, action oriented scripts we custom wrote specifically for teaching actors and stunt performers how to integrate tactical use of prop firearms into their scene work that gives them the proper motivation, emotional range and the ‘performer’s edge’ they need for a POWERFUL performance in any scene.

  • Video / Audio demonstration of professional, experienced actors on our stunt team delivering the dialogue from a scene while operating with movie pistols. See step-by-step how the gun safety rules are implemented into your performance plus learn 3 of the best tips I ever was given to optimize (verbally & physically) the performance and determine when to do what for the most dramatic effect.

  • PRO TIPs on how to practice with a scene partner plus two alternative strategies if you’re by yourself that ensure your acting and performance skills improve exponentially so this method works just as well for you when you have your chance ‘on camera’.

The ‘Cinematic Golden Moments’ Shortcut ®

- $225 value

Insider knowledge and tips about what film & TV directors and DPs look for in an on-screen performance that are unknown and overlooked by MOST actors and virtually ALL stunt performers.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • The one rule of preplanning which parts of your performance to play to camera and why every tactically trained, professional LEAD actor does this but most personal defense tactical firearms instructors and stunt coordinators don't understand enough to teach because it takes a ‘Film Director’s Eye’ and video analysis to learn.

  • Develop your ‘Film Director’s Eye’. Learn to think like a director and DP so you can find the most dramatic shots, angles and movements in your own performance and really get your creative juices flowing!

  • My personal movie Tactical Pistol Action Sequences that I’ve used as a stunt coordinator and armorer on dozens of projects that are the most requested by directors. These will take you from just another performer to one that the director tells the DP to favor in each scene.

  • Video / Audio demonstration of how to plan out your own movie Tactical Pistol & Revolver Action Sequences to look good on any project, on any set, with any type camera and use everything you’ve learned from soup to nuts to deliver a powerful, highly entertaining and memorable performance.

The Prop Tactical Pistol Disarm Triple Play ® - $99 value

The Secrets To Disarming The Villain Of Their Pistol or Revolver On Camera that 98% of even Martial Arts Experts don’t know

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • The exact ‘Off Body Aiming Technique’ our stunt team perfected with 100+ students. Exactly what targets to aim for and why for the most dramatic effect. Learn how to actually look like your pointing the prop firearm directly at another performer (for camera) without actually pointing it at them. This instantly raises the stakes, heightens tension in the scene and makes the ensuing disarm keep audiences on the edges of their seats.

  • Our ‘Do As I Do’ teaching strategy where you learn 3 pistol disarms. See step-by-step how to disarm a villain by closing the distance, seizing their firearm, appear to clobber them with it and finish them off with a double tap. These techniques are reserved only for those who are SERIOUS about their craft.

  • PRO TIPS on how to perform after action drills so that you naturally flow into pre-choreographed shooting sequences smoothly after each disarm. It’s these types of things that make you look like a true legitimate Bad Ass on camera!

The ‘ELEVATE - Career Marketing’ Roadmap - $299 value

The most misunderstood, underappreciated aspect of growing an actor or stunt performer’s career and one of the most important.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • The exact ‘Marketing Strategy’ we perfected with dozens of clients and students. Learn what to put in your acting and stunt performer profiles, as well as your professional resume and IMDB page so that you stand out to any producers or directors that come by your profile and want someone with Tactical Movie Pistol & Revolver Firearms Training.

  • How to leverage your new Tactical Movie Firearms Training and experience in your social media profiles so you gain new followers, plus how to make short Tactical Pistol & Revolver Choreography video clips for content to upload to your profile to not only generate more likes and shares yet even to have directors and content creators reach out to you to cast you in their projects.

  • Discover the actual #hashtags to include in your posts on the various social media sites to ensure that casting directors, directors, stunt coordinators and content creators find you when they’re searching so you don’t lose out any potentially career changing opportunities!

  • Links to actual Tactical Pistol & Revolver Movie Choreography videos that we’ve done and others that online audiences have enjoyed, liked and shared. This way you know how to choreograph your own and promote them to keep your fans engaged!

The ‘PRO Level Performance’ Shortcut ® - $125 value

Industry Insider Secrets for training specifically for actors & stunt performers that most tactical firearms instructors and stunt coordinators don't know.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • The exact practice routine and regimen I use for myself and our clients to prepare for any role and give an amazing performance despite having just learned the choreography a few days before.

  • Discover how to ensure you’re always ‘Camera Ready’ with your skills by using your own camera phone, a cheap tripod and any old script you have lying around so you can prevent making the most common mistakes most actors and stunt performers make when going into an audition or performance.

  • A step-by-step Video Breakdown of how to invest as little as 10 minutes per month to take your performance skills from obvious beginner to Special Forces / Navy SEAL caliber performances if you’re serious about booking roles that require Tactical Movie Prop Pistol & Revolver Training.

  • Learn how to use even a simple mirror to give you insight about your performance that most performers don’t have. See for yourself your own strengths and weaknesses, so you can become a more well rounded actor or stunt performer.

The Revolver Prop Workshop ® -$125 value

The secrets to training specifically with the classic handgun of veteran cops, detectives or Old Western Cowboys that many tactical firearms instructors just don’t know about.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • The ‘Do As I Do’ method of learning how the differences in design between a revolver and pistol, how to expertly operate the revolver as well as the Dos and Don’ts of firing one to prevent yourself from possibly getting burned before the shooting day has ended.

  • The tactical reload training drill used to perform flawlessly under fire. Now you can use it to look amazing on camera!

  • And much more!

‘Set Armorer’s Protocol’ Video Breakdown ® -$150 value

Industry Insider’s advice for actors & stunt performers about what should happen on a film or TV set if the armorer is professionally trained and licensed.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • Step by Step breakdown of what the armorer should be doing from the time they arrive on set, to them delivering a safety briefing, learning the ‘Set Safety Chain Of Command’ and how to use it to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else on set, when firearms are going to be used on the project plus what actions you can take if you feel something isn’t quite right with another stunt performer, actor or even worse the armorer themselves!

  • The Tools that every professionally trained armorer for the film & TV industry should have with them to PROVE to you that the prop firearms they’re handing out are safe to be used.

  • The Do’s and Dont’s of proper firearms issuance and recovery procedures EVERY armorer should know. If the armorer on your production doesn’t know or do these…Take action! The life you save may be your own!

‘Live Action - Live Fire’ Video Displays ® -$99 value

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

  • See Elite Operators in action demonstrating with live ammunition and real firearms some of the very same skills you learn in these classes.

  • Learn firsthand how it looks when you do this stuff for real in combat situations so you go into your next performance with the right motivation, mindset, body expression and focus.

  • See actual professionally trained tactical movie pistol & revolver performers in action in film & TV demonstrating some of the very same skills you learn in these classes.

  • Learn firsthand how it looks when you do this stuff on camera in film or TV so you go into your next performance with the right motivation, mindset, body expressions and focus.

Here's Why I Spent Over $20,000 Just So

I Could Learn These Skills...

Throughout my own career as a stunt coordinator and armorer for the film, TV & Entertainment industry, I knew that these types of skills would be in ever greater demand in movies and TV shows around the country and the world as the years went by. I was already a US Military veteran BEFORE taking this training. Training the vast MAJORITY of veterans DON’T get in the military.

And just so you know this sort of training isn’t cheap! Class prices range anywhere from $500 to $20,000 each depending on what you’re learning and that doesn’t include airfare, hotel stay, meals etc.. that you also have to pay for the duration of the training. Plus I got turned down by a LOT of schools because they only accepted people that were active military or law enforcement. Only a few made an exception or me.

Add to it that you usually can’t record any video of the training (for privacy reasons for the schools’ clients and staff) so forgetting a lot of the training afterwards is VERY common.

So I invested well over $20,000 in my Elite Tactical Training, plus countless hours doing weekly training with my Elite Tactical Stunt Team...and I'm summing it all up for this MasterCourse that we designed to be a complete, PERMANENT RESOURCE for you to use for the duration of your career. If your career lasts 20 years then you will continue to benefit from it 20 years from now.

Here’s Why This MasterCourse Would Normally Cost $2,500

There are no other online movie prop Tactical Pistol & Revolver Training courses for film & TV. Especially none taught by licensed, permitted, professionally trained and experienced industry recognized armorers for the film, TV & Entertainment industry (we’ve checked). Why? Because we set armorers charge anywhere from $150 to $350 per hour to privately train actors and stunt performers.

So if I were to take you into our training facility and train you myself, it would easily take several days of 3 - 4 hours each to just cover the basics and make sure you understand them. At nearly $200/hour, it would turn into a pretty expensive day/week/ it usually does with private instruction.

Plus, if you had a BIG audition or role coming up and needed a refresher class, you’d have to either hope that we or someone else offered a class right then or pay for 1-on-1 instruction to prepare you for the role. Yet with our Online MasterCourse, you simply pull up our video lessons on your phone WHENEVER you need them WHEREVER you are in the world. 24 – 7 - 365.

And if you have questions, you can submit them in our private online social community or via Premium Email Support to get them answered. It’s all included!

One of the reasons we can offer the MasterCourse at this price is because we don't meet with you in person. Because of this, I'm releasing the ‘Tactical Firearms Training for Film & TV – Pistol & Revolver MasterCourse' including all of the videos PLUS any updates added each year PLUS the bonuses (found below) for INSTANT ACCESS. You’ll get it today at the lowest rate possible…

Normally $2,500

Today Just $99

* You get access to this one of a kind training for 12 consecutive months (1 whole year)!

Try It 48 Hours Risk Free.

After reviewing the MasterCourse, if you don’t like what you see and it doesn’t work for you, I’ll refund every penny.

(this is something the other courses WON’T do)

Meet Your Instructors

►Lead Instructor Background & Qualifications – Dillon Wilson

U.S. Army Veteran; Certified in MACTAC (Multi-Assault and Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities) by SWAT Training Center; Certified in Vehicular Engagement Tactics & Counter-Ambush by SWAT Training Center; Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training with the M-4 Carbine, shotgun and pistol with American Defense Enterprises; Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training & certification with the M-4 Carbine and pistol by SWAT Training Center; Combat handgun training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute; Certification in ‘Israeli Limited Penetration Tactical High Threat CQB’ from Cherries CounterTerror the same organization that trained Keanu Reeves in elite tactical training for John Wick 2; Certification in ‘Israeli Counter Terror Active Shooter Protocol’ training from Cherries CounterTerror the same organization that trained Keanu Reeves in elite tactical training for John Wick 2; Professionally trained & experienced Licensed/permitted Armorer for the film, TV and entertainment industry; Certified Firearms Instructor with the National Rifle Association; Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) with the National Rifle Association; Special Forces military training with various organizations & private instructors; Tactical rappelling and FAST rope training; PRO Trained & experienced 2nd Unit Director / Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer; Certified Instructor in Commando Battle Tactics; Over 26+ years martial arts training & experience; Technical Advisor for the Film, TV & Entertainment Industry; Graduate Hollywood SWAT Academy; Graduate Tactical Training for Actors (S.W.A.T. Workshop) by Solutions Group International; Graduate SWAT Sniper School; Qualified - American Sniper Association; Military Sniper Training by P.I.; Law Enforcement Sniper Course St. Florian Police Dept. by PREP; Precision Rifle Training with American Defense Enterprises; Certified in Advanced Surveillance & Intelligence Operations for Counterterrorism by Trojan International Defense Group; Certified in Advanced Lone Operator Special Forces Training by Trojan International Defense Group; professionally trained & experienced LEAD Actor; Graduate Film School – Director & Line Producer; Licensed pilot, expert stunt driver, certified scuba diver; Guest Repeat Lecturer at AFI (The American Film Institute Conservatory) teaching Producers, Directors & Writers how to leverage action in film; Guest Repeat Lecturer at the Art Center Of Pasadena - teaching Producers, Directors & Writers how to leverage action in film; Approved Stunt Coordinator for the Full Curriculum for Masters Degree Candidate students at AFI (The American Film Institute Conservatory); Founder C.B.T. Stunt Alliance (a veteran owned company)

►Additional Instructors: Various

U.S. Army Veterans; Certified Firearms Instructors with the National Rifle Association; Graduate Hollywood SWAT Academy; Graduate Tactical Training for Actors (S.W.A.T. Workshop) by Solutions Group International; Commando Status in Commando Battle Tactics; Over 29+ years martial arts training & experience; Professionally trained & experienced Weapons Wrangler; Technical Advisor for the Film, TV & Entertainment Industry; Certified Security Professional; Licensed Security Guard; Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer; Professionally trained & experienced Actor; Professional Stunt Performer; Guest Repeat Lecturer at the Art Center Of Pasadena - teaching Producers, Directors & Writers how to leverage action in film; Approved Stunt Coordinator for the Full Curriculum for Masters Degree Candidate students at AFI (The American Film Institute Conservatory)

Still Thinking About Getting REAL Gun Training For

Acting & Stunt Performing BEFORE Movie Gun Training?

Not After Watching THIS Video You Won’t!

What Else Do You Need To Be Successful Using This MasterCourse To GROW Your Career?

As I was creating this course, I realized there were a few other things that you could use to make it easier to be successful using it. That’s why I created never before seen (or sold) bonuses and I’m going to throw them in completely FREE with your purchase today.

Bonus #1 - Access to our MONTHLY ‘Sharpen & Polish’ Video Conference Lab

This helps you to maintain your skills PERMANENTLY!

When we analyzed what most actors, stunt performers and content creators said they REALLY needed to help grow their career was one thing - ongoing training and support. Many spoke of times when they had a big audition coming up yet they were rusty with their skills and knew they wouldn’t be at their best. Worst yet they said that they couldn’t find any classes being offered by anyone who could help them.

Well we listened and this is our solution. Once each month, we hold our online ‘Sharpen & Polish’ Video Conference Lab where we have students from all over the world bring their questions and we answer them in real time. We also observe your performance and make any corrections or improvements to your technique and form as well. We even give you feedback on any choreography or scene work that you’re doing that involves using the training that you received. We help you literally sharpen and polish yourself for any roles or projects you have coming up.

Now you’re not in it alone. You have your very own Tactical Firearms Training for film & TV Coach with you throughout your career. Acting coaches charge $100 per hour or more for a similar service. Yet this ongoing training & support we include at no additional cost to help you more effectively get going & growing with your career.

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A $1,200 per year value – yours FREE

Bonus #2 -

A ‘Safe Set - Movie Gun Safety Certification’ in Safe Firearm Operations training for Film & TV and a Professional ‘Certificate of Graduation’

This helps you to build the credibility that you need!

With more and more productions asking actors & stunt performers to have had some type of firearms safety and gun handling training to ensure safe gun practices on set, having formal professional training for film & TV by experienced armorers for the industry is HUGE. Plus having a professional certificate that lists what you were trained in is a BIG PLUS.

Now you simply hand in or email your certificate to production along with your submission. You can even upload it to your social media profiles, acting profiles and stunt performer profiles, etc.. (this is all covered in the marketing class of this MasterCourse).

To get the certification and professional certificate you do have to pass an Online Quiz and a Video Final Exam which is included in this course. Come on we’re not going to put our name on you without you being legitimate! We review and grade both the Online Quiz plus The Video Final Exam.

Scores are ‘Pass’ or ‘Retest’. When you successfully pass the Online Quiz and Video Final Exam, not only will you know that you’re good, you will see your Video Final and have visual confirmation that you know what the hell you’re doing.

This bonus is included to help you more effectively grow your career. You don’t have to take the quiz or the test if you don’t want to. You only need to do it if you want to be certified and get the professional certification.

A $250 value – yours FREE

Bonus #3 - A Certification listing in our Private Online Directory of certified students

This makes it easier for productions to hire you!

There are some dishonest people in the film & TV business that lie about their achievements. Many productions know this. This is why they sometimes call previous productions, stunt coordinators, etc.. to do due diligence on an actor or stunt performer they’re about to cast. Well now you get a private link that you can email to production so they can go to our private online directory and verify all of your training and certifications that you hold with us (especially if you take any of our other courses as well).

Now there’s no playing phone tag, waiting for people to check their emails to verify your training. Production simply clicks on the link and sees your name listed in the directory along with what course(s) you took and are currently certified in. They can do this 24/7/365, no fuss no muss, easy peasy lemon squeezy and you’ve booked yet another role.

A $125 per year value – yours FREE

Bonus #4 -

CHEATSHEET for the ‘Tactical Firearms Training For Film & TV – Pistol & Revolver MasterCourse'

This helps to make it ‘state-of-the-art’ easy to learn, remember and use!

One of the most effective ways to learn and RETAIN what you leaned for use later is with a cheatsheet. This E-Z to use cheatsheet has the entire MasterCourse explained in it, plus includes images & diagrams of the various types of pistols & revolvers, props, component breakdowns, ammunition, etc., the practice scripts to perform with, links to example videos, clips to movies using the techniques you’ve been taught, your personal marketing plan, as well as a wealth of information and knowledge from our stunt team’s accumulated knowledge, wisdom and experience of many years in the business all right at your finger tips.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the business or been in for 30 years or more, you’re guaranteed to learn something new from this treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

This invaluable Cheatsheet contains everything you need to know to put the lessons in the MasterCourse to work for you. Plus, it’s designed for you to save it on your phone or print it out and keep it in your pocket for when you practice or are prepping for your next audition or performance!

A $200 value – yours FREE

Bonus #5 - A Membership In Our Private Online Social Community of Professional Actors & Stunt Professionals

Become part of something greater than yourself, meet new friends, colleagues & more!

This business can definitely be lonely at times. Especially in the beginning. Wouldn’t it be great to have a community of people like you, with the same interests as you, who understand what you’re going through, are there to support you and ideally you’re there to support them as well? Well that’s exactly what our private online social community is about!

Join our popular community where you can post videos, ask questions, network, find training partners & stunt coaches in your local area and more. We even periodically post acting and stunt gigs that you can submit for as well and you can feel free to do the same if you are a content creator or have projects looking for trained actors and stunt performers.

We set this up to be a valuable resource for our students and clients. You can upload your reels, fight scenes, tactical firearms choreography videos and more then simply ask us and/or the group for input and we’ll reply.

Remember, you’re not in this alone. You’re part of a community of like-minded artists and professionals.

A $299 per year value – yours FREE

Bonus #6 - Premium Email Support

Personalized attention and help is just an email away. We're here to 'ride shotgun' for you every step of the way!

So what happens if you have a question that that’s not covered in the course? Or some new situation comes up? With courses offered by other people, you’re just on your own OR you have to pay for a pricey consultation. Well not with the ‘Tactical Firearms Training For Film & TV – Pistol & Revolver MasterCourse'. We’re including PREMIUM email support to answer any question that you may have about the topics covered in this course…for the life of your account!

Now you’re not in it alone. You have us riding shotgun for you every step of the way. Even when you are about to put together your reel and like some input, putting together a self tape, prepping for an audition or an upcoming performance, etc... Simply, email us your question (our premium support email is included with the course) and one of us will personally reply to it with an answer at no additional charge. Our consulting packages average $125 per hour so getting this is a great benefit and a valuable service.

A $699 per year value – yours FREE

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Why? Because it can do what no new tie, shirt, video game, blouse or spa day can do…help them to realize their dreams.

And we can tell you from experience what it’s like to actually be IN this business. It literally is a dream come true. You meet some of the most amazing people, experience some of the most exciting times in your life and make memories that you cherish forever. And even if it’s short lived, it’s something that you remember and talk about for the rest of your life.

So surprise your friend, spouse, or special person with this MasterCourse as their perfect gift.

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1 Time Offer: Get INSTANT ACCESS to the ‘Tactical Firearms Training for Film & TV – Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Sub-machinegun & Shotgun MasterCourse’ (Video Course)

Want to get booked in amazing movies and TV shows featuring tactical carbine choreography? From TV shows like SWAT, NARCOS and The Walking Dead to a litany of war movies and the Marvel Movie Franchise and more, tactical carbines, sniper rifles, sub-machinegun & shotguns are used in ALL of them. This is the companion course designed to compliment the ‘Tactical Firearms Training - Pistol & Revolver’ MasterCourse.

You learn step-by-step the MOST POPULAR carbines and sub-machineguns used in film & TV, how to identify them, how to operate them safely on set, even highly cinematic tactical carbine & shotgun choreography so you always look like a BOSS on camera!

You learn many of the same topics as with the Pistol & Revolver MasterCourse yet all for tactical carbines, sniper rifles, sub-machinegun & shotguns…which is totally different. Learn how to integrate tactical carbine & shotgun handling into your dialogue scenes for maximum dramatic effect, amazingly cinematic carbine disarms that make you look like the ULTIMATE Bad Ass, how to use the shotgun in ways that only elite LEAD actors have been trained in and went on to use in blockbuster movies, the most cinematic type of M4 & AK 47 reloads sure to get you more camera time, a Course Cheatsheet and much, much more!. Everything you need to book roles that involve tactical carbine, sniper rifle, sub-machinegun or shotgun handling.

* This course comes with the option to get a ‘Safe Set - Gun Safety Certification’ and a Graduation Certificate.

Value $2,500 – Right Now Only $125

* You get access to this one of a kind training for 12 consecutive months (1 whole year)!

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